Crosman Optimus Model CO1K77

The Crosman Optimus Model CO1K77 is not for the average shot, this is one that pushes all the buttons of the serious enthusiast!

Crosman Optimus Model CO1K77. First off, before I give you a little taste of the Crosman Optimus Model CO1K77, let me just say that I was away for a few weeks holiday. It was great but sadly I did not get any shooting done. Be that as it may I have every intention of going at it again apace and will keep you informed of everything that I can. In the meanwhile please do take the time to comment and again if there is anything that you want us to have a look at or any questions that you have, every effort will be made to get to them and to answer them.

When you first see the Crosman Optimus Model CO1K77 you will feel your knees go. Well that is what happened to me and the reason is simply that it is a break barrel single shot air rifle that pushes every button. First off this is not a little gimmicky air rifle, this is the real McCoy and is capable of packing a serious punch. By serious I mean that it is billed to fire at 1200 feet per second. Now even if that is with high velocity pellets, that is enough to make you weep. Right?

Then there is the stock. I cannot say enough about wooden stocks, they just fill me with joy. And yes I suppose that there are some downsides to having them. For one thing it means that you have to look after it, and for another it means that the rifle is probably a little heavier than it can be. But for the look I would walk a thousand miles with a wooden stocked rifle slung over my shoulder?

It has a two stage adjustable trigger and it fitted with fibre optic adjustable sights. If you want to, it comes with a scope (4×32). This is a magnificent air rifle and in my book ideal for a serious enthusiast!

Crosman Optimus Model CO1K77
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