The Crosman 1088 CO2 air pistol

Crosman 1088 CO2 air pistol

The Crosman 1088 CO2 air pistol

Air guns come in many shapes and sizes, but it seems a universal truth that lads (and let me not discriminated here, many ladies), simply love shooting with air pistols. And you can understand that, once you have it in your hand, it is just great fun to fire off shot after shot. The bottom end of the range is often not great on accuracy and for that matter BB’s are not so crack, but pistols that fire pellets can impress.

Enter the Crosman 1088 CO2 air pistol. This is as bog standard as they come. Capable of firing at a velocity of 430ft/s, a decent speed, it has a cylinder capacity of around 80 or so shots. The Crosman 1088 can fire either pellets or BB’s, and can be loaded with up to 8 pellets at a time, giving you a decent amount to shoot before you have to reload. It has a rear sight that is adjustable for windage, and as far as I am concerned, that is about as much as you need.

It is hardy and comfortable to handle, which counts for a lot, but the real come on is the price. This is easily one of the most affordable of all the CO2 air pistols and so if you are in the market then this is one that you should not easily pass over.

The Crosman 1088 CO2 air pistol
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