Diana Model 36

A classic from the 1980s and the 1990s the Diana Model 36 air rifle packs in a serious punch and leaves you wanting to own such a beauty.

Diana Model 36.It would be too much to hope that the Diana Model 36 would still be in manufacture. Unfortunately it does not form part of the current catalogue but be that as it may, you still find them on sale from time to time.

The Diana Model 36 air rifle is an extension of the Diana Model 35 in that is was more that anything a much more powerful air rifle. Manufactured until the mid 1990s is was capable of cranking up an impressive 1000 feet per second in the .177 calibre incarnation and then around 800 feet per second in the .22 version of the air rifle. It is a classic single shot break barrel air rifle that is powered with a massive spring piston – you would need it to crank the velocity that it does.

In keeping with the Diana air rifles of the time the Diana Model 36 sported a wooded stock. I have to say here, only because we have become so accustomed to composite stocks, that an air rifle like this and of this sort of quality deserves a fine wooden stock. It simply would not be the same pellet gun if it did not have one.

It terms of the sights. The Diana Model 36 in both the original and in the consequent Model 35C and 36s was fitted with a hooded front sight and adjustable rear sight. Given that the rifles were capable of firing at the velocities that they can it is probably best fitted with a scope.

What you cannot get away from is that it is a great air rifle and if you are into single shot break barrels then this is one that you should always be on the look out for.

Diana Model 36
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