Gamo Socom 1100 – Pellet Guns

The Gamo Socom 1100 is going to impress you even if only because it is capable of firing standard lead pellets at over 1000ft/s. Pellet Guns.

Gamo Socom 1100 - Pellet Guns

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Just yesterday I was saying that if you are looking for 1000 feet per second single shot break barrel air rifles, that the options were literally endless. Almost every single day that passes there is a new one, a new batch even, on the market. I get that in the case of many of them, they are just too expensive, or worse they are of such a poor quality that really you are not going to sit up and notice them. And even if you did, there would be one thing that would be constantly in your mind. Let us be very frank over here, when an air rifle manufacturer says that an air rifle is capable of firing at up to 1000 feet per second, more often than not, that is only going to be when you are shooting with hyper velocity pellets. And while that is still fair it does leave you a little on the disappointed side of life? If you, like me, find yourself thinking like that, then you are a candidate for the new Gamo Socom 1100 Air Rifle.

The Gamo Socom 1100 air rifle is a break barrel single shot air gun from the Spanish manufacturer El Gamo. The thing about this one is that it does not fire standard lead pellets at 1000 feet per second. Actually it is capable of firing them at 1100 feet per second. What is more is that the Gamo Socom 1100 is capable of firing Gamo Platinum PBA pellets (That is El Gamo’s hyper velocity variety) at an incredible 1320 feet per second. That makes this air gun a monster.

As far as the rest of the rifle goes, it is really a pretty standard Gamo issue, sporting a synthetic ergonomically designed ambidextrous stock. The air rifle is also fitted with safety and had Gamo’s ATS advanced trigger system fitted. The sights are fibre optic with an adjustable rear sight.

What would you expect to pay for this monster of a rifle? Well good news, you can buy it online from Gamo Airguns and will pay R2600 which is incredibly good.

Gamo Socom 1100 – Pellet Guns
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4 thoughts on “Gamo Socom 1100 – Pellet Guns

  1. oh nice. also does this make a loud noise like the socom extreme? i imagine it does because with pba at 400 m/s it breaks the sound barrier???

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