Hatsan BT65 SB PCP Air Rifle

I am fast becoming a great fan of Hatsan and I tell you what the Hatsan BT65 PCP Air Rifle is just pushing me further along the road!

Hatsan BT65 PCP Air Rifle. If you want to shoot accurately, and continuing in the discussion of accurate air rifles, then the fact is that you should opt for a PCP air rifle. I have raved about the advantages of getting one in other parts of this blog and so will not be doing that today, but I will tell you that one of the downsides – if you were looking for something to knock PCP air rifles about – is that they are very expensive. You just have to do a little search online or spend a couple of minutes in a good store and you will have a clear idea of what I mean. If you want a PCP air rifle you must be prepared to fork out the dough for it. Yes the advantages are clear, but at what cost? Well here is one that is not going to break the bank (it will probably cost under R4000 in SA, the Hatsan BT65 SB PCP Air Rifle.

Now as far as I am concerned this air rifle has it all. And while it is by no means a little air rifle, it comes in at over 1m long, it is a bit of a monster and is capable of firing at up to 1250 feet per second. Additionally it has a 10 shot magazine and can deliver a pellet as well as just about in rifle in its class. The point is that this is a winner and if you are in the market for an affordable PCP air rifle then this is almost certainly one that you should be considering. Hatsan have done it again! But don’t take my word for it, here is a terrific review from AirgunTV:

Hatsan BT65 SB PCP Air Rifle
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  1. The Video Overview didnt want to open on Video of the BT 65.Is it possible to send me a REVIEW Video?Thx

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