The Puma Junior Air Rifle

Puma Junior Air  Rifle

Puma Junior Air Rifle.

Puma Junior Air Rifle the best baby brother around.

The Puma Junior air rifle is still regarded as one of the best pellet guns for youngsters out there. It has an appealing design in which considerable consideration has been given to the fact that it has to be what kids would want. I must just say here that all shooting must happen under adult supervision. Even though there are rifles manufactured specifically for the children’s market, it is not an endorsement of safety.

What makes the Puma Junior special though is that it is uncomplicated and yet is great to shoot with. Firing at approximately 650ft/s and with a two stage trigger and automatic safety it is a great rifle for kids to learn to shoot on and use to quite an advanced stage of shooting. It has fibre optic sights and can be fitted with optics.

The real come on though is the price. You will simply find it very hard to get anything that competes in the category and most importantly can do the job well.

The Puma Junior Air Rifle
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7 thoughts on “The Puma Junior Air Rifle

  1. hey there mate!
    i just purchased a puma junior air rifle with scope!but the problem is i cant seem to mount the scope and there is no website that has been of any help…
    could you please help me?

    • Hi Avishkar,

      Thank for the question. I have written a piece that will post tonight at 18:00 which deals with mounting scopes.

      Check if that helps you out, else I will get my hands on one and do a step-by-step for you.

      All the best,

    • Hi Jean, it can be done, but mostly it would perish again very quickly. It would be better to replace it. Where do you live?

  2. I purchased a junior air rifle at the Huntex Expo two weeks ago. The locking mechanism broke and I would need to replace the barrel. Where do I order spares from?

    • Hi Jacques, the company that you bought it from. Else the supplier in South Africa is AO Sports.


  3. hi

    i recently bought puma rifle for my boy. the screw from the butt came out. where can i get a replacement. the place i bought the gun from is not much help.


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