Air Arms S400H Classic PCP Bolt Action Air Rifle

The Air Arms S400H Classic PCP Bolt Action Air Rifle is not called a classic air rifle for nothing, it lives up to its name.

Air Arms S400H Classic PCP Bolt Action Air Rifle.

Just looking at the Air Arms S400H Classic PCP Bolt Action Air Rifle gives you a clear idea of the fact that this is not one that you could dismiss out of hand and that it looks the sort of rifle that deserves the word classic in its name. The question I suppose that you should ask then is what is classic when it comes to air rifles. I would have to say that my first reaction would have been to refer to single shot spring piston break barrel’s as classic, but of course the difference here is that this is a single shot pre-charged pneumatic air rifle. In addition to being a single shot PCP it is also a bolt action air rifle which puts an interesting spin on it. I would say that it is none the less deserving of the name.

It is the stock, again, that is going to win the enthusiasm of many. It is fitted with a full blown beech or walnut, depending on your preference, chequered Monte Carlo stock. Additionally it is finished so that it has a pistol grip. Because it is a PCP and it seems to be the standard on the better end of the scale when it comes to Air Arms, it is fitted with a pressure gauge. The trigger is a two stage trigger that is adjustable, giving you just that extra bit of play to get the rifle like you need it to be. The .177 calibre version of the rifle fires at around 800 feet per second and since it is not fitted with open sights would have to be fitted with a scope.

This rifle is ideal for some fairly serious target shooting and given that you could pick one up in South Africa for around R8000, well worth the money you’d pay for it.

Air Arms S410 PCP Air Rifle

The Air Arms S410 PCP Carbine Air Rifle has everything that you could possibly want in a pellet gun and is ideal for hunting.

Air Arms S410 PCP Air Rifle.

The Air Arms S410 PCP Carbine Air Rifle had my attention absolutely from the word get go. It is in part, I would have to admit, the design and the fact that the stock comes either as a walnut or beech stock. It is the detail of the chequering that really sold me, but then I have a really soft spot for wooden stocks, as I am sure you know by now.

This PCP Air Rifle has it all. It takes a ten shot rotary magazine and is simply and very easily charged with a side lever action. In addition it is fitted with a built in pressure gauge. It is possible to adjust the power of the rifle, which means that you can tweak it for your precise needs. At full power it is capable of firing at around 920 feet per second.

The Air Arms S410 is fitted with a two stage adjustable trigger. This is a serious addition and allows you to adjust the trigger to your precise requirement. It does not have open sights and so would have to be fitted with a scope. It is designed for the purpose of hunting and thus this is a worthy and necessary addition.

It is finished as a Monte Carlo stock and has a thumbhole and ventilated butt pad.

This is not one that you would generally use for backyard plinking, although there is no reason why you could not, since you would be forking out near R9’500 for it. Instead I would suggest that you go out and use it to hunt, it will certainly do the job well.

Here is a great video review that gives you a pretty comprehensive take on the Air Arms S410:

Air Arms Twice Double Cylinder PCP Air Rifle

It is turning out to be a bit of a PCP week, and on top of the pile has to be the Air Arms Twice Double Cylinder PCP Air Rifle.

Air Arms Twice Double Cylinder PCP Air Rifle.

There is no getting away from the fact that an air rifle that is called the Air Arms Twice Double Cylinder Air Rifle is going to get the attention of most people that come across it. Unfortunately it would probably mostly be for the wrong reasons. Let’s think about this for a moment. The name does not exactly roll off the tongue, but be that as it may, it does draw interest. In my case it was to find out what exactly Twice means?

Well, from the photo inset, you will notice that what it is deferring to is the double reservoir set up. The thinking is simple. If you want to increase the capacity of the chamber you can do one of two things. You can make it bigger or longer or you can double it up. At least if you double it up it has a bit more of an elegant look, which this air rifle most certainly has.

Looking at the specification of the air rifle. It fires at just over 1000 feet per second on on a full charge, at full power, can fire up to 60 shots. It also takes a ten shot repeater magazine and has a two stage trigger. It has no sights and so you have to stick a scope on it and also features a ventilated butt pad.

This rifle really looks great and absolutely looks the part, it is something different, something that you will not see every day. It would be great for hunting vermin and given that it is a PCP I would tip it for some sporting target shooting.

Just watching a clip of this air rifle fills me with excitement.

The real McCoy: Air Arms EV2

If you are really serious about target shooting, the Air Arms EV2 MK III PCP air rifle may just be what you are looking for.

Air Arms EV2.

Air Arms EV2.

If you are looking for one of the best – if not the best – field target air rifles in the world, then you have found it. The Air Arms EV2 MkIII PCP air rifle is the real McCoy. You are not easily going to find anything that is better, but sadly it will cost you somewhat more than your average plinking pellet gun.

What makes the Air Arms EV2 particularly great is the high level to which you can customise the rifle. It is a fully adjustable airgun that allows you to make it as comfortable as you need it in order to shoot accurately. Everything from the butt to the cheekpiece, the trigger and the stock, can be adjusted to fit and suit your requirements.

It is a PCP air rifle that can fire up to 100 shots on a single charge. Independent tests have put that at more though, which is impressive to say the least. Then it fires at a round 800ft/s, a perfect velocity to achieve the sort of accuracy that you require for field target shooting.

It is the design of the rifle that is ultimately the most striking feature. Yes is is highly adjustable, but great thought has been put into how the rifle fits together. You will note from the review that I posted below that there is only one contact point between the barrel and the stock. This means that the barrel is not affected by the vibration of the cylinder during firing.

All in all you can see what makes this a great rifle. Here is a comprehensive review from Youtube that will give you a great sense of the rifle:

Do you know the Air Arms Pro Sport air rifle?

Air Arms Pro Sport

For those of you that don’t know the Air Arms Pro Sport, that have never seen a picture of one, brace yourself for the Air Arms Pro Sport. It is probably the most uncomplicated and sleekly designed air gun you would ever have seen. What throws you of course is the fact that it does not have any sights – that really does make it look like a very stripped down version of something different.

Air Arms Pro Sport air rifle

The Air Arms Pro Sport air rifle.

Don’t be fooled by appearances, this is one of the most accurate rifles in its class and much more importantly – as far as pellet guns go – this is one of the ones that is absolutely loved by those that engage in the sport of field target shooting. Here we have to accept that matters of taste are always going to be that, having said that, the look and feel of the sport makes it every bit the real thing. From the beech wood (you can get it in walnut if you prefer) stock to the simplistic and traditional design, it shouts class.

This underlever pellet gun can clock in at a velocity of 950ft/s firing standard lead pellets. It has a two stage trigger with automatic safety and is finished with a rubber ventilated butt pad. Fitted with a scope this single shot really comes into its own. It is ideal for those that want to hunt or, if you prefer, some serious target shooting.

The Air Arms MPR

Air Arms MPRThis air rifle is all about accuracy. The Air Arms Multi Purpose Rifle was designed and is manufactured for the Olympic 10m and 10m 3p discipline. (The 10m 3p discipline means the 10m 3 positions, they are: silhouette, bench rest points and bench rest grouping.) It is one of the most affordable rifles for those that wish to enter the sport.

Where this rifle differs from the average plinking or backyard target shooting variety is that it really is that accurate. In order to achieve the required accuracy it is highly adjustable. Getting the sighting and trigger right is critical, and the result will be a rifle which delivers an accurate pellet. In addition it also has an adjustable cheek piece and butt pad.

It comes in at a weight of 3.2kg and is has a removable cylinder that charged can deliver around 70 shots. It is loaded with a bolt action and can fitted with optics.

This really is a great option for someone that is after accuracy and because of its adjustable capability is likely to suit almost anyone.