Shooting a BAM Mod 21 Airgun

Opinions divide when it comes to the Chinese imports that we’ll soon have on our shelves in SA, I am keen on the BAM 21 Airgun though.

You cannot get away from the fact that the market will soon be awash with Chinese imports. For one thing, if you are looking for an up side, it will give us a whole lot of options that we would not have had before. And let’s be frank with each other, more choice is always better than having none or very few? Whether you like them or not, they will be a reality and while there are some brutal posts on forums, I have to say that on balance what you are paying makes many of them a really attractive option. My view of the subject, and I had a long debate with a mate of mine over the weekend about the merits and the downsides, is that if you don’t like them and if you don’t want to shoot them, fine. That is a choice that you have made, but that does not mean that the rest of us cannot get on with enjoying ourselves.

In preparation for the onslaught, and I cannot wait any more, here is a video of the BAM Mod 21 Airgun. It is a side lever and appears to put up a reasonable performance. Now who would not want to take that out for an afternoon’s shooting?

Bam B4 Air Rifle

It’s almost time for the first BAM Airguns shipment to hit our shores and I thought it would be an idea to introduce another – Pellet Guns.

BAM B4 Air Rifle - Pellet Guns.

BAM Airguns will be sold here in South Africa. It follows the trend of much of air gun manufacturing moving to the east. Anyhow it is great news because we can expect pellet guns that are affordable and certainly in other parts of the world well regarded. The BAM B4 Air Rifle is an example of what we can expect on the affordable side of the range.

The BAM B4 is likely to sell in South Africa for as little as R800 (I have not as yet seen a confirmed price, but based on pricing in other parts of the world, I would reckon that that is a fair guess at it.) It is a no frills under lever that is finished in the way that break barrels have been made for the last century. That is that it retains the classic design elements and include a wooden stock, which is always welcome. It has a rubber butt pad and raised cheek piece. It is about 1m in length and weighs around 3.2kg.

As I said this is a simple rifle but it does sport fibre optic sights with the front sight fitted as a hooded sight. The rear sight is adjustable. Given that it fires at around 495ft/s, when firing standard lead pellets, I would guess that it would not be necessary to fit it with any optics.

My take on this is that it would be a splendid rifle for some back yard recreational shooting and great if you are looking to murder a few tins cans!

BAM Air Rifles: What we can expect – Pellet Guns

BAM Air Rifles will be on sale in South Africa before the month is out. The question is what can we expect from them? Pellet Guns.

BAM Air Rifles, BAM Airguns, Pellet Guns.

For those of us that take an interest in pellet guns and the manufacturers, there is a palpable excitement in the air as the first consignment of stock heads towards South Africa. BAM Air Rifles, or BAM Airguns as the company is actually called, for those that have not read the earlier piece on the subject, are manufacturers of air guns and related products from China.

They have already developed a reputation for affordable pellet guns and as this is China we can certainly expect that they will be aggressive with their pricing in the South African market. The other factor that can only be encouraging even to the most unenthusiastic of enthusiasts is the fact that it would literally bring to market over a hundred different air products. Their manufacturing ranges not only from traditional break barrel pellet guns, but also includes PCP rifles, air pistols and everything in between. Over the past few weeks I have been reading everything that I possibly can about BAM Airguns, and from what I can see, it promises to be an interesting ride.

The one thing that has to be said when you are talking about anything that is manufactured in China is the question of quality. Let’s not beat around the bush, China in general does not have the most remarkable reputation when it comes to quality products, and in all likelihood there will be all sorts of nasty imports that will give the industry a bad name. When it comes to BAM Airguns, and I can only discern this from opinions in other parts of the world, they do often buck the trend and do have standards that will impress. This does not apply to everything that they make, I imagine, but I suppose the best would be for us to consider each of their rifles on merit. Let the shooting begin.

BAM B40 Under Lever Air Gun – Pellet Guns

First up is the BAM B40 Under Lever Air Gun which as far as pellet guns go has all the bells and whistles at a killer price.

BAM B40 Air Rifle - Pellet Guns.

Pyramid Air in the United States sell the BAM B40 Under Lever Air Gun with the line: ‘enjoy a high-quality underlever air rifle and still have some change in your pocket.’ There you have it, who cannot but love pellet guns that give you all the shooting power and accuracy that you want and that you need and will still leave you with some change in your pocket. The fact is that more often than not, and we still love them, we pay for the name. It is refreshing to have pellet guns coming on to the market that are competitive in price while not sacrificing all that much on the quality front.

Make no mistake, I get that there will have to be some sacrifices, there almost always are. But the encouraging thing about the BAM B40 Under Lever Air Gun (which sells in the States for around $280, which suggests that in South Africa we can expect to pay around R2500) is that despite the price it comes through on the performance front.

Under Levers are in themselves their own sort of animal. There are those that like them and those that don’t. I personally like the fact the they deliver accuracy. The BAM B40 is no different, and with a pellet velocity of around 920ft/s this spring piston single shot pellet gun promises to impress.

The stock is something special and has been crafted as a Monte Carlo out of stained hard wood and is finished with a rubber butt pad.

It has a two stage adjustable trigger and does not have sights and so has to be fitted with optics. The result is, when you take on board the velocity that it fires at, that it is ideal for hunting vermin and for target shooting.

BAM Airguns to be sold in South Africa

We have just heard that BAM Airguns will be sold in South Africa and should be available online and in-store in the next few months.

BAM Airguns - Pellet Guns.

BAM Airguns are coming to South Africa. Don’t beat up on yourself if you have not heard of them before, they may have been around in China for a while, but this is the first time that they will be sold in South Africa.

Essentially the good news is that it brings on stream a whole lot of new air guns that we can all get very excited about. From their corporate website we learn that BAM Airguns was created as a joint venture between two Chinese companies. Their roots in the manufacture of air guns goes back some thirty years with the joint venture having been formed in 2007.

By reputation it is already clear that BAM Airguns are in the game to make really good rifles that are aimed at the middle of the market. What that means is that we can expect really reasonable prices, something that is always encouraged in South Africa. Their catalogue is already sizeable and they have over a hundred rifles on the shelves. That is a pretty impressive offering and I tell you what something that is going to keep us really focussed and excited.

The East is fast becoming one of the most competitive areas for the manufacture and production of air guns and related equipment. You just need to look at a brand like Evanix, which as you know, has garnered a global reputation in just about no time at all. I suspect that we can expect great things from BAM Airguns and that in the months and in the years to come there will be many many entries about their products.

What great news to end the week with. There is nothing like having something new to play with, particularly if it is an air gun!