Hatsan M105X Torpedo Camo Fixed Barrel Air Rifle

The Hatsan M105X Torpedo Camo Fixed Barrel Air Rifle is for the adventurous at heart and will deliver accurate high muzzle velocity results.

Hatsan M105X Torpedo Camo Fixed Barrel Air RifleIf you are looking for an affordable option in the fixed barrel category then this may just be one that you should look at. For the uninitiated an under lever fixed barrel pellet gun is in a whole class of its own when it comes to shooting and accuracy. The fact is that any break barrel pellet gun suffers wear in the seals. Ultimately pellet guns are only as good as the component parts. What eventually happens, although it can be kept in good working order if looked after, is that air escapes. Or sometimes worse, and the whole barrel goes out of alignment from the stock. Of course this means that you really have to fire a whole lot of lead to get there. And in most cases most people don’t. So if you are looking for something that ultimately steers clear of all those issues then consider the Hatsan M105X Torpedo Camo Fixed Barrel Air Rifle.

Here I have to be frank and say that I am not a fan of the ‘camo’ in the Hatsan M105X Torpedo Camo Fixed Barrel Air Rifle. It is just al little too much for me, but you may be different. And if you are like me then there are some plain black versions of the same rifle.

What we have here is a high powered air rifle that is capable of firing at a muzzle velocity of 1000 feet per second. Given that it is a fixed barrel and that you would be considering this if you were in the market for something accurate, it will also interest you that it is fitted with a top rate Quattro trigger. The trigger has a steal plate and is adjustable. It has open sights, which are fibre optic, with the rear sight being micro adjustable. The stock, besides being a camo stock, is synthetic, chequered and fitted with a rubber butt pad. It has a raised cheek piece.

All in all it is once again the value for money that is the thing. You’ll get what you pay for, and in this case that’s a whole lot.

Hatsan Mod 85 TG Air Rifle

The Hatsan Mod 85 TG Air Rifle is capable of firing at a velocity of up to 1000 feet per second and sports a terrific rifled steel barrel.

Hatsan Mod 85 TG Air RifleIn the search for an air rifle that has everything that the average shot is looking for, there are literally hundreds of options. It is really difficult when you get into the category of single shot break barrel air rifles that are capable of firing at velocities of around 1000 feet per second, to discern one from another. There are a few things that you would need to look at to compare them to each other. It would range from the actual firing velocity to looking at the sights (or scope, if it comes with one) to the trigger and stock features. Then there would be the all important thing that most of us really look at, and that would be price. You see if price was not an issue, or a method of comparison, then all of this would be rather academic. Well let’s consider the Hatsan Mod 85 TG Air Rifle and see how it stacks up.

We’ll start with the obvious, the price. Well this one is cheap for what you get. At around R1500 you are going to struggle to get better. It is fitted with a precision rifled steel barrel and definitely ticks the box for velocity. This single shot break barrel can fire at velocities of up to 1000 feet per second. What is impressive is that Hatsan has fitted it with their custom made Quattro trigger system and additionally have added their SAS (Their custom designed and engineered Shock Absorption System). The stock is something of a marvel. It is ergonomically designed and is fitted with a montecarlo cheek piece. Additionally it has the Triopad butt system fitted, which guarantees maximum recoil absorption. It is also fitted with fibre optic sights where the rear sight is mirco adjustable for windage and for elevation. The front sight is hooded.

In my book the Hatsan Mod 85 TG Air Rifle would certainly be an option if you’re looking for a high powered single shot break barrel with all the trimmings you require.

Hatsan BT65 SB PCP Air Rifle

I am fast becoming a great fan of Hatsan and I tell you what the Hatsan BT65 PCP Air Rifle is just pushing me further along the road!

Hatsan BT65 PCP Air Rifle. If you want to shoot accurately, and continuing in the discussion of accurate air rifles, then the fact is that you should opt for a PCP air rifle. I have raved about the advantages of getting one in other parts of this blog and so will not be doing that today, but I will tell you that one of the downsides – if you were looking for something to knock PCP air rifles about – is that they are very expensive. You just have to do a little search online or spend a couple of minutes in a good store and you will have a clear idea of what I mean. If you want a PCP air rifle you must be prepared to fork out the dough for it. Yes the advantages are clear, but at what cost? Well here is one that is not going to break the bank (it will probably cost under R4000 in SA, the Hatsan BT65 SB PCP Air Rifle.

Now as far as I am concerned this air rifle has it all. And while it is by no means a little air rifle, it comes in at over 1m long, it is a bit of a monster and is capable of firing at up to 1250 feet per second. Additionally it has a 10 shot magazine and can deliver a pellet as well as just about in rifle in its class. The point is that this is a winner and if you are in the market for an affordable PCP air rifle then this is almost certainly one that you should be considering. Hatsan have done it again! But don’t take my word for it, here is a terrific review from AirgunTV:

Hatsan Model 150 Thumbhole Fixed Barrel Air Rifle

If you want a rifle with which you can do some field target shooting look at Hatsan Model 150 Thumbhole Fixed Barrel Air Rifle. Pellet Guns.

Hatsan Model 150 Thumbhole Fixed Barrel Air Rifle – Pellet Guns.

You may have already read my review of the Hatsan Mod 150 Torpedo? If you have not, then it is worth going and reading it, you will see that the 150th or Mod 150 Hatsan is a fixed barrel air rifle with a bit of a pedigree. This is one which you can do some pretty serious field target shooting with. The question is just this, what is the difference between the Torpedo and the Tumbhole? Well if you are really wanting to know, the Hatsan Model 150 Thumbhole Fixed Barrel Air Rifle has a thumbhole stock!

This is a really good air rifle if you are looking for more accuracy than what you would get from your average pellet gun. You can buy it online, and it will set you back about R2800.

Hatsan Mod 80 TG Air Rifle – Pellet Guns

The Hatsan Mod 80 TG Air Rifle has to be one of the most affordable 1000 feet per second pellet guns on sale in South Africa. Pellet Guns.

Hatsan Mod 80 TG Air Rifle - Pellet Guns.

I could do this in one line. There are a whole lot of pellet guns on the market now that are capable of cranking up velocities of 1000 feet per second and in fact probably much more than that. It is pretty common place for a break barrel to have a spring piston or the like in it that is exceptionally powerful. I suppose that it also makes a substantial difference in that generally speaking in South Africa we only ever see .177 calibre air guns and not many (if any) in a larger calibre. In that respect the Hatsan Mod 80 TG Air Rifle is not going to solicit any pronounced response from any one, perhaps you would notice and move on. But here is the clincher you can buy this air gun for less than R1300.

That is the point. Here is a really affordable air rifle that has a big power plant in it. I have to say I like the combination and I would guess that you do too?

The specifications on the rifle are pretty standard. The most noticeable feature is the stock. It is synthetic – I would not have expected it to be different – and has a raise cheek piece. It is ambidextrous but more importantly it has pretty unique chequering which basically looks like lava flow went it slows. This is done to improve your ability to handle the rifle and generally makes it easier to shoot. It is a single shot break barrel that has anti bear-trap safety with manual and cocking safety. It has a hooded front sight and open rear sight which it micro adjustable for both windage and elevation. Of course it can take a scope.

There is no doubt that this is one that will impress most enthusiasts.

Hatsan 155 Walnut Under Lever Air Rifle – Pellet Guns

The Hatsan 155 Walnut Under Lever Air Rifle gives you all the great Hatsan technology along with the accuracy of a fixed barrel. Pellet Guns.

Hatsan 155 Walnut Under Lever Air Rifle - Pellet Guns.

This is the third post this week about Hatsan. A clearly stated objective has always been to seek out air rifles that are not only great to shoot with but are also reasonable in their pricing. You are never going to get a rifle that absolutely meets the requirements of every single shot. Most people, however, would agree that one of the important things, if in fact not the most important, would be accuracy. If an air rifle is not accurate you are most likely not going to enjoy your shooting. Or am I missing something here, is there an instance where accuracy does not matter and all you are looking for is the action and the feel of the pellet gun? I suppose there are pellet guns that do that? What you are buying with the Hatsan 155 Walnut Under Lever Air Rifle is exactly the opposite.

Clearly – it is featured in the name of the rifle – the most important aspect is the walnut stock. Without going on too much about it, it does give it a sophisticated look. Then it is worth noting that it also includes Hatsan’s custom SAS technology, effectively eliminating the shock from the rifle to such an extent that the rifle does not require an air gun rated scope and can be fitted with ordinary optics. It has a Qauttro Trigger and has all the safety features that are required, including anti-bear trap. The rifle is fitted with open Tru Glo sights with a rear sight that is adjustable for both elevation and windage. Hatsan claims that it can fire at a velocity of around 1250ft/s which is pretty impressive, although it is likely that standard lead pellets would probably fire at around 1000ft/s, which is still much faster than the average rifle.

It is for sale online at the For Shooting store and will set you back a touch over R3000, which with all things considered is a very reasonable price for a fixed barrel air rifle.

Hatsan Mod 95 SAS Air Rifle – Pellet Guns

The Hatsan Mod 95 SAS Air Rifle is essentially the bigger brother of the Mod 55, it is a single shot break barrel air rifle. Pellet Guns.

Hatsan Mod 95 SAS Air Rifle - Pellet Guns.

I am afraid that I am going to have to say it again. It is the stock that really wins me over on this one. The Hatsan Mod 95 SAS Air Rifle is not just another in a line of pellet guns, it is the real thing. Packed with the same technology that has made Hatsan what it is, and priced competitively, this is one that will impress even the most hard nosed of enthusiasts.

With all the interest that has been generated in recent years with PCP and CO2 technology one often forgets that the old fashioned break barrel single shot air rifle still has a place in the world. What’s more about that place is that I think increasingly that it is great to not have the very automated experience of firing a CO2 or PCP air rifle. I get that they have a place and that in terms of accurate shooting and semi-automatic firing they experience is hard to compare, but let’s accept that it is sometimes still great to break out the old break barrel and murder a few beer cans.

The Hatsan Mod 95 is fitted with Hatsan’s SAS technology and also has its custom designed Quattro Trigger technology. It has an adjustable rear sight, adjustable for both windage and for elevation, and has an open fibre optic front sight. The stock is made from Turkish Walnut and the rifle is fitted with manual safety and automatic cocking safety. Incidentally it has a gold plated trigger blade. Given what it is that you get with this rifle it is almost impossible to believe that you can buy it online for a mere R1600!

This is one that I think is near impossible to resist…

Hatsan Mod 55 Air Rifle – Pellet Guns

Let is not be said that Hatsan does not make an attractive break barrel air rifle, check out the Hatsan Mod 55 Air Rifle – Pellet Guns.

Hatsan Mod 55 Air Rifle - Pellet Guns.

I have to admit that it is the walnut stock that really draws me to this rifle. I find the authenticity of wood incredibly attractive as a design element in an air rifle, something that takes me back to the pellet guns that I knew as a kid. There were no synthetic stocks, everything was wood. That does not mean that I am against synthetic stocks, I agree that they have a place and that the all weather aspect is appealing. I suppose that other advantage of synthetic over wood is that it is much more malleable. Be that as it may, the walnut stock on this Hatsan Mod 55 SAS Air Rifle makes it look every bit the part.

Hatsan sells the Hatsan Mod 55 Air Rifle as one that encompasses a number of key technologies. The first is the SAS (Shock Absorber System) absorption technology. Most of the recoil is absorbed in the stock below the barrel, that is not as is traditional, with a rubberised butt pad. This means that the rifle does not require an air gun rated scope. Furthermore it increases the lifespan of the rifle.

The second bit of technology is the Quattro Trigger. Essentially a match grade two stage trigger system that is fully adjustable. It is an often over looked aspect of air rifle shooting, your trigger really can play an important part in the accuracy of your shooting and so having one that is better is a welcome addition.

This rifle is a single shot break barrel that is capable of firing at up to 1000ft/s. It has an adjustable rear sight and fibre optic hooded front sight. In all respects it is an air rifle as an air rifle should be. The really great thing about this pellet gun? Well you can buy it online for a mere R1350, and delivery from www.forshooting.co.za is free.

The Hatsan Mod 70 Original Air Rifle – Pellet Guns

The Hatsan Model 70 Original Air Rifle is still one of the most affordable high powered break barrel air rifles you will find. Pellet Guns.

Hatsan Model 70 Original - Pellet Guns.

We have looked at this one once before and so it has the remarkable priveledge of being the first air rifle that has appeared on the site twice. Let me explain. I have been on this mission looking for air rifles and air pistols that are affordable and still deliver a great shooting experience. There are not as many options on the market as you may imagine. While working through the lists I can across the Hatsan Model 70 Original Air Rifle once more and was instantly reminded that this is one of the pellet guns that absolutely meets all the criteria.

Here is the review which includes the technical specifications.

What you need to know about this pellet gun is that it is a single shot break barrel – so exactly like the pellet guns that we grew up with – which is capable of firing up to 1000ft/s. That puts it squarely in the high powered category. The rear sight is adjustable for elevation and for windage. Bot sights have fibre optics and the front sight is hooded. The synthetic stock is ergonomically designed.

You will go one hell of a long way before you find a rifle that is capable of packing the punch that this one can and that at the same time is priced to match your pocket.

And the good news, you can buy it online and it is only going to set you back R999. Now if that is not value for your buck, then I am not certain what is. Delivery is fast, and For Shooting generally has stock so there is absolutely no reason why you too could not have a great pellet gun in a couple of days time!

Hatsan Model 100X Torpedo Wooden Stock and Under Lever – Pellet Guns.

Accuracy and power, the two things that make an air rifle great, the Hatsan Model 100X Torpedo Under Lever delivers. Pellet Guns.

Hatsan Model 100X Torpedo Wooden Stock and Under Lever - Pellet Guns.

What you are buying when you are buying an under lever pellet gun is accuracy. That is the big come on and the reason that most people go for it. What you want once you have accuracy is a degree of power and that is what the Hatsan Model 100X Torpedo Wooden Stock and Under Lever delivers more than many others do. Pellet Guns are known for either of these two features and when you have one that combines the two in such perfect measure then you are in the game. I have made no secret of the fact that I am a fan of Hatsan. I think that they make affordable pellet guns that are tailored for the market. There are few people that have bought them that have not regarded them as good for the job.

This rifle comes as a standard .177 calibre and features a severely impressive wooden stock. Additionally it sports a rubber butt pad to improve recoil absorption. It has an adjustable trigger and micro adjustable rear sight for both windage and elevation. The open front sight has tru glo fibre optics. The rifle comes with a bipod and of course you can mount optics. The real clincher is that it is able to crank up an impressive 1000ft/s.

At less than R2500 this is a steal and a rifle that most would certainly be very happy with. if you have not as yet been onto the For Shooting site, then I suggest that you consider ordering it from there. The service is superb and what’s more they have excellent support. Here is the link for the rifle.

If you do use them, I would be delighted to hear about your experience. Please do the community a service and post your comments.

Here is some video footage of the effects of the rifle: