Pellet Guns and Plinking, what is plinking?

So anyone that has a pellet gun or has shot with pellet guns has almost certainly done some plinking, but do you know what plinking is?

Plinking Target - Airrifles - Pellet Guns.

Yesterday I was talking to a friend of mine about a new air rifle that he had just bought. Here I have to say that he has of course not been into it for twenty years, but his son is now coming of age and he thought it would be a great way for the two of them to spend time together. Of course it would I insisted. There is nothing like a new pellet gun, besides I explained, men and boys, pellet guns and plinking, these things all go together. It was at this moment that I realised the unfortunate and obvious truth. He had no idea what plinking was, although he had of course used the word himself before. So here is a short explanation of what plinking and I will follow it with some ideas of what to use.

Plinking is essentially using anything that is moveable as a target. Typically one would use a few cans, or if you are adventurous other things that you would generally through away after all the shooting is done. The idea is not to incur costs and it differs from formal target shooting in that there is no real accurate measure of how you have done. Mostly you would just try and hit the can and then you would assess if it was high or low, left or right. It is not like putting up a marked out target where you can get a real idea of the accuracy of your shooting.

Plinking is intended to be fun and easy and that it most certainly is. Of course I would urge you not to shoot at things that could explode or shoot off in all directions, but what would be the point, right? Actually it is worth getting a proper plinking target, here is a link for the one pictured above.

Here is a clip that illustrates the illusive art of plinking:

Pellet Guns and Plinking, what is plinking?
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