Shooting Rats with Air Guns – Pellet Guns

So the question is, if you need to get rid of rats, whether shooting them with an air gun is the right way to go? Pellet Guns.

Shooting rats with air guns - Pellet Guns.

It is a debate that you will find going on all the time. Really there are two questions at play (This is much the same as the one regarding the shooting of Indian Minors). This first is whether you are allowed to shoot rats and the second is whether and air gun is really the best way. The only reason I am on to this debate again is because I picked up a post this morning which was exactly about this. Well it was about shooting rats with air guns versus shooting them with cartridge fire arms. I can tell you which one comes out on top in that regard, but if you are interested here is the link for the forum.

You are allowed to kill rats, there is no law or regulation against killing them. The one thing that is a consideration though is that you should do it sensibly and humanely. My own view is that you should only ever try and kill anything with a rifle if you are a crack shot. (Observing of course the law with regards to not discharging it in a built up area etc.) Since most of us are simply not that good at shooting, and even if we are, it is not that easy to track down a whole lot of rats. I suppose you could sit around and wait for them, but that just seems far too tedious for me. I feel that if the opportunity presents itself and you can shoot accurately, well then there is no reason not to. But for most of us it is probably better it invest in a few rat traps. Or better, get a cat?

Shooting Rats with Air Guns – Pellet Guns
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