How powerful is a pellet gun?

Without getting too scientific about it, it is a good question to ask, how powerful is a pellet gun and how does it compare to say a .22?

How powerful is a pellet gun.

This genuinely is a very good and interesting question to ask. Just how powerful is a pellet gun and how would it compare to say a .22 calibre cartridge rifle, or even a BB pellet. Of course there is a lot of science that needs to come into play and the real power is down to the mass and velocity at which a projectile is travelling. Then there would be other inputs that need to be taken on board. But all of that is just too much to really get your head around. So here is a question. What if there was a simpler way of trying to determine just how they differ, and all you did was you illustrated it using something as simple as cans of bully beef. I must warn you that this is the sort of experiment, that if you are not careful, could potentially go very wrong.

It is obvious that velocity plays a key part in the power that a pellet delivers. It is also obvious that the weight of the pellet does too. One of the things that comes out in this little garage experiment that had never occured to me before, is that if you fire a CO2 loaded rifle or airgun then you need to give sufficient time between shots for the cannister to gas up. You will see what I mean if you watch the video below.

Needless to say that I am seriously thinking about going out and buying dozens of Bully Beef cans to do the same thing, or perhaps, I should go and find a calculator that could give me the answer in a more scientific way?

How powerful is a pellet gun?
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