Evanix Rainstorm PCP air rifle

The Evanix Rainstorm is a seriously impressive pellet gun.

We have known from the word go that the Evanix air rifles had to be taken very seriously. Every single rifle that comes from them is seriously impressive and with each new one they seem to be upping their game. The Evanix Rainstorm fits this bill and to be absolutely clear will impress you all the way.

What makes the Evanix Rainstorm most impressive is that fact that they have maintained their production values. That is to say that the rifle is made to the highest possible quality. The reality is that a well made air rifle is going to give you much more mileage and last just that much longer. So if nothing else impresses you this should at the very least.

It has a rotary magazine with a ten shot capacity. It is easily enough reloaded with a bolt. The charge is PCP and the air tank has a minimum shot capacity of at least forty shots. This in itself is pretty good going.

The Evanix Rainstorm is billed to shoot at 1000ft/s, although that will vary depending on the pellets that you are using. Of course the upside of a PCP air rifle is that you will get a better degree of accuracy and with the right pellets this proves true. It can be fitted with a scope, although the sites are adjustable. Additionally it has a two stage trigger and manual safety. It features an adjustable but pad.

The cherry on the cake is the stock, made of Indonesian walnut. (Should I have said the walnut on the cake?) This pellet gun looks every bit the part and the performance is right up there.

So how much is the rifle going to set you back? Well if you go online in South Africa it will cost you R9999. That is pretty expensive, but then there is one thing that you need to remember, this is also a .2 calibre, which is great.

For a pretty comprehensive review check out this video:

Evanix Rainstorm PCP air rifle
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