Gamo Dynamax PCP Air Rifle

The Gamo Dynamax PCP Air Rifle is easily one of the best Gamo rifles out there, this is a pellet gun for the serious minded enthusiast who knows the game.

Gamo Dynamax PCP Air RifleIf the only thing you looked at was the price tag of this air rifle, you would be a little jittery. At a shade under R7000 this makes even those that are willing to drop that sort of money sit up and pay attention. How can a pellet gun be that expensive, right? Well to start with the Gamo Dynamax is no ordinary pellet gun, this is a PCP air rifle and easily represents of the best that Gamo has to offer.

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Take the time to do some research into PCP air rifles and you will desicover that the price tag is actually very reasonable. Like other Gamo products they manufacture air rifles that are affordable. It is as simple as that.

So what are you getting if you sign up for this option. Well for one thing you are getting a pneumatic air rifle that is capable of firing at around, just over if the pressure is right, 1000 feet per second. Fitted with a state of the art floating barrel and fixed to an ergonomically design stock, with a pistol grip, stock chequering, raised cheek piece and butt pad. This air rifle delivers accuracy. Of course that is what you would expect from a PCP air air rifle, and The Gamo Dynamax does not disappoint on that score.

It comes with a ten pellet rotary clip and is capable of firing a shot a second. Given the type of shooting that one would do with this, serious target shooting or sophisticated backyard plinking, it would be advisable to buy an extra few clips for easy re-loading. Because it is a high powered PCP air rifle you could also easily hunt vermin with it. On a full charge you can fire around thirty shots, which is a little shy of rifles in the same price and quality bracket.

The Gamo Dynamax is one for the serious minded shot who knows what it is that they are in for. It delivers accuracy and power at an affordable price.

Weihrauch HW90 Air Rifle

If you’re looking for an air rifle that’s still a single shot break barrel but it does not have a spring piston then check out the Weihrauch HW90 Air Rifle.

Weihrauch HW90 Air Rifle.I have written more reviews for spring piston break barrels that what I think I have for everything else combined. I suppose that there are two reasons for that. The first would be that there just are so many of them, they are undoubtedly the prevailing format of the pellet gun, and there is not getting away from that. The second, and this could be a contentious point for some, is that it is a very successful format. The reality is that the spring piston break barrel is so prevalent because it is good at doing the job. Now part of that being good at it stuff is because it is reliable. But make no mistake, there is some serious development in gas tram technology, and those in the know will tell you that the spring piston may very soon be a thing of the past. When you look at a rifle like the Weihrauch HW90 Air Rifle you can begin to see why.

The Weihrauch HW90 Air Rifle is fitted with a Theoben Gas Ram System. Without going into the technical detail it ultimately means than the rifle is much more stable in the firing. The release of the gas ram, unlike that of a spring piston, is much more even and even though it is the same action as the traditional break barrel it ultimately delivers less of a disruption when fired. Since most folks have not mastered the artillery hold, it ends up improving the accuracy of your shooting.

This is still a high powered single shot break barrel air rifle that is capable of firing at over 1000 feet per second. It is fitted with an Elite trigger, which is adjustable, and has adjustable sights. It comes with a beech wood pistol grip stock that has a slightly raised cheek piece and it fitted with a rubber butt pad. In short if you are looking for a single shot break barrel air rifle that will deliver some of the best accuracy you’re likely to see, then this will be the rifle for you.

Gamo Hunter DX

The Gamo Hunter DX is one of those pellet guns that seems to marry the old with the new, classic but really fresh in its look, and it shoots!

Gamo Hunter DX.A pellet gun that has a wooden stock does things for me. I realise that it is a bias and that these days the synthetic stocks that are out there can really improve the capability of the rifle. But you can’t just give up on the idea of the wooden stock just like that. It is a thing that need to be enjoyed. What I really appreciate about the Gamo Hunter DX is that the stock still retains something of the classic air rifle look. But more, and much more importantly, it Gamo has incorporated new elements which give this rifle an edge.

The Gamo Hunter DX is based on the earlier model the Gamo Hunter 440. This time round though they have thought it wise to give the rifle an adjustable synthetic cheek piece. While at first it is striking and may even look a little out of place, the truth is that it is ultimately appealing and gives the rifle a new fresh look. The have also redesigned the butt pad which now promises increased recoil absorption.

This is a high powered spring piston break barrel air rifle that is capable of firing at a muzzle velocity of up to 1000 feet per second. Given that it is designed with accuracy in mind it has been fitted with fibre optic adjustable sights. Of course it can be scoped, but my feeling is that with the type of shooting that you are going to do with this it is probably not necessary.

Gamo pride themselves in the fact that they produce for a market that is looking for a reasonably priced competitive air rifle, this one ticks the box on that score.

Hatsan M105X Torpedo Camo Fixed Barrel Air Rifle

The Hatsan M105X Torpedo Camo Fixed Barrel Air Rifle is for the adventurous at heart and will deliver accurate high muzzle velocity results.

Hatsan M105X Torpedo Camo Fixed Barrel Air RifleIf you are looking for an affordable option in the fixed barrel category then this may just be one that you should look at. For the uninitiated an under lever fixed barrel pellet gun is in a whole class of its own when it comes to shooting and accuracy. The fact is that any break barrel pellet gun suffers wear in the seals. Ultimately pellet guns are only as good as the component parts. What eventually happens, although it can be kept in good working order if looked after, is that air escapes. Or sometimes worse, and the whole barrel goes out of alignment from the stock. Of course this means that you really have to fire a whole lot of lead to get there. And in most cases most people don’t. So if you are looking for something that ultimately steers clear of all those issues then consider the Hatsan M105X Torpedo Camo Fixed Barrel Air Rifle.

Here I have to be frank and say that I am not a fan of the ‘camo’ in the Hatsan M105X Torpedo Camo Fixed Barrel Air Rifle. It is just al little too much for me, but you may be different. And if you are like me then there are some plain black versions of the same rifle.

What we have here is a high powered air rifle that is capable of firing at a muzzle velocity of 1000 feet per second. Given that it is a fixed barrel and that you would be considering this if you were in the market for something accurate, it will also interest you that it is fitted with a top rate Quattro trigger. The trigger has a steal plate and is adjustable. It has open sights, which are fibre optic, with the rear sight being micro adjustable. The stock, besides being a camo stock, is synthetic, chequered and fitted with a rubber butt pad. It has a raised cheek piece.

All in all it is once again the value for money that is the thing. You’ll get what you pay for, and in this case that’s a whole lot.

Gamo Socom 1000 Air Rifle

The Gamo Socom 1000 Air Rifle ticks all the boxes if you are looking for a seriously affordable high powered air rifle option.

Gamo Socom 1000 Air Rifle.The Gamo Socom range has quickly established itself as one of the best go to options if you are looking for an air rifle that comes with all the bells and whistles. It does have it critics, make no mistake. But my argument, when it comes to single shot break barrel air rifles that are capable of firing at around 1000 feet per second, is that there are so many out there that the best comparison is generally price. Now of course that can not be the only thing. You do need to look at the features, and the more an air rifle has the easier it becomes. The Gamo Socom 1000 Air Rifle ticks boxes and as far as I am concerned is certainly one that you should put in the mix.

The thing about the Gamo Socom 1000 Air Rifle, much more than the fact that it is a high powered air rifle that is capable of firing at around 1000 feet per second, is all the other stuff that it has fitted. For one thing it comes standard with Gamo’s ATS (Advanced Trigger System) which means that it is fitted with a two stage trigger that is adjustable. It is of course a single shot break barrel with a spring piston, as so is also fitted with trigger safety. The stock is synthetic and the design ergonomic. It is ambidextrous and is finished with an adjustable cheek piece. Additionally it has stock chequering. It is fitted with fibre optic sights where the rear sight is adjustable for windage and for elevation, but given it is a high powered pellet gun you may want to opt to mount the scope that it comes with.

The real winning feature though is the price, at a shade under R2000, it is going to be hard to beat.

Gamo Extreme CO2 Air Rifle

If you are looking for an air rifle that is a little different from the rest then the Gamo Extreme CO2 Air Rifle may just be the one for you.

Gamo Extreme CO2 Air RifleThe options are literally endless when it comes to single shot break barrel air rifles. It is not the same when you start looking for high powered, that’s the key, CO2 powered air rifles. That is why the Gamo Extreme CO2 Air Rifle is a real contender.

For one thing it looks nothing like the rest of the rifles. There are carefully calculated departures from both design and manufacturing perspectives which greatly add to the appeal of the Gamo Extreme CO2 Air Rifle. What is particularly appealing from a deign perspective is the stock, which is a synthetic composite, finished with a rubber butt pad and fitted with a cheek piece. It also has the added rubber grips, which greatly adds to the ease of use.

So what is the Gamo Extreme CO2 Air Rifle? Well for one thing the power is generated from an 88g CO2 cylinder that is inserted into the front of the rifle. It takes a ten pellet rotary clip and the rifle is charged with a pump action. As I said, it is a high powered air rifle, and can fire standard lead pellets at a velocity of approximately 800 feet per second and is capable of firing Gamo Platinum PBA pellets at around 1100 feet per second. It is quite economical and a canister can last for as many as 180 shots before the power of the air rifle begins to deteriorate.

It has fibre optic sights, with a adjustable front sight and is fitted with a two stage trigger. The rifle can be scoped, which given its velocity is probably advisable. The real come on though is the price as this is easily one of the most affordable air rifles in its class.

Here is a short, sharp and entertaining review from New Zealand:

Gamo Socom 1250 Air Rifle

The Gamo Socom 1250 Air Rifle is a real contender in the heavy weight category and is easily one of the most powerful air rifles out there.

Gamo Socom 1250 Air Rifle.It seems to me that this is stacking up to be a big of a Gamo week. And then it is not just any Gamo week but one where we are looking at some real kickers. Because let’s just confess the obvious. We all like big break barrel single shot air rifles that can really crank up some velocity. I mean what is the point of having something that just does not get the adrenalin pumping? So, let’s have a look at this bruiser of an air rifle, the Gamo Socom 1250 Air Rifle.

So what are we talking about if we say that this guy is the big bruiser on the block. To be frank these days every second spring piston air rifle is capable of firing at around 1000 feet per second with a number of them getting to 1250 feet per second. Of course there is always the rider that that only happens when you are firing high velocity pellets, right? Now the Gamo Socom 1250 Air Rifle has a base velocity of 1250 feet per second when firing standard lead pellets and is capable of getting all the way up to – wait for it – 1650 feet per second when firing Gamo Platinum PBA pellets. I don’t care who you are. If that does not impress you, well then nothing is going to. This really is the big bruiser in the Gamo stable. Of that we can be absolutely certain.

I am not going to write endlessly about the rifle itself. Suffice it to say that it is fitted with Gamo’s highly successful ATS trigger system which includes both cocking and trigger safety. It has a synthetic pistol grip stock that is ambidextrous and has a rubber butt pad. It is also fitted with a sound dampener, which is probably necessary. It is fitted with open adjustable sights, but can have a scope affixed, which is probably a good idea.

One thing is for certain when you take into consideration the reasonable price, this pellet gun is going to be a real winner.

Gamo Socom Carbine Luxe Air Rifle

The Gamo Socom Carbine Luxe Air Rifle is one of those air rifles that seems to have it all, but most importantly is the price tag.

Gamo Socom Carbine Luxe Air Rifle.Every once in a while an air rifle comes along that really impresses you on one of the many scales by which you would measure it. In the case of the Gamo Socom Carbine Luxe Air Rifle it would not just be on one matrix, it would be on two no less. In the first instance this is a seriously affordable air rifle. Gamo have over the years proved with generous certainty that they can produce affordable air rifles. On another score, the second measure, this is a spring piston air rifle that can fire high velocity pellets (like the Gamo PBA Platinum ones) at a velocity of up to 1200 feet per second. Now I would like to know in whose book this is not extremely impressive. Point is that when you are paying what you are for an air rifle like this, and it is still capable of producing the goods and the velocity, then you are on to a winner!

So what are we dealing with here. Well in the first place the Gamo Socom Carbine Luxe Air Rifle is a single shot sprint piston break barrel air rifle. I has been fitted with Gamo’s custom designed and developed ATS two stage adjustable trigger system. This means that you have very good control over the shot. Additionally it comes standard with both trigger and with cocking safety. A must when you are crunching a spring piston with a muzzle velocity of 1200 feet per second.

The stock is synthetic and is ambidextrous. They have finished it with a rubber ventilated butt pad, which given the kick, is a necessary addition. It is not fitted with sights, and given that it fires at the velocity it does, you can understand why. It comes standard with a 3-9×40 Air Rifle Scope, which means that you should be able to hit your target!

As far as single shot spring piston air rifles go, this is one to look out for.

Crosman Phantom X Model CS1K77X

The Crosman Phantom X Model CS1K77X is a high-powered single shot break barrel that comes in at a great price and delivers a reliable shot.

Crosman Phantom X Model CS1K77X.This is an air rifle that is right there in the mill – a saying we used when we were at school to describe when something falls right where it should be – it ticks all the boxes and frankly does what you would expect from an air rifle in its class. The Crosman Phantom X Model CS1K77X does not have any of the extra’s or even trimmings that you have come to know from a whole bunch of manufacturers. Instead the specifications on this air rifle are practical and moreover focused. This is one that may not impress those that are looking for an air rifle that looks like something made thirty years ago, but then, you can get those easily enough. Instead, what you are getting here is an air rifle that will do the job and will certainly impress the average enthusiast.

The Crosman Phantom X Model CS1K77X is a single shot break barrel air rifle that is fitted with a spring piston. And like the high-powered air rifles that we have come to know in the last decade (it may even be a little longer than that now) it is capable of firing at the requisite 1000 feet per second. While that will probably not be the case if you are using standard lead pellets, it will almost certainly be the case if you are shooting with high velocity ones. In fact I would encourage you to opt for the latter, as the overall performance of the rifle in that instance is that much better.

The Crosman Phantom X Model CS1K77X is fitted with an ambidextrous stock, which is of course synthetic, and moreover has hooded (front sight) fibre optic sights that are adjustable. Given that it is capable of some real velocity, a scope is probably desirable. First made in around 2006, this is an air rifle from Crosman that will be around for a while to come!

Crosman Optimus Model CO1K77

The Crosman Optimus Model CO1K77 is not for the average shot, this is one that pushes all the buttons of the serious enthusiast!

Crosman Optimus Model CO1K77. First off, before I give you a little taste of the Crosman Optimus Model CO1K77, let me just say that I was away for a few weeks holiday. It was great but sadly I did not get any shooting done. Be that as it may I have every intention of going at it again apace and will keep you informed of everything that I can. In the meanwhile please do take the time to comment and again if there is anything that you want us to have a look at or any questions that you have, every effort will be made to get to them and to answer them.

When you first see the Crosman Optimus Model CO1K77 you will feel your knees go. Well that is what happened to me and the reason is simply that it is a break barrel single shot air rifle that pushes every button. First off this is not a little gimmicky air rifle, this is the real McCoy and is capable of packing a serious punch. By serious I mean that it is billed to fire at 1200 feet per second. Now even if that is with high velocity pellets, that is enough to make you weep. Right?

Then there is the stock. I cannot say enough about wooden stocks, they just fill me with joy. And yes I suppose that there are some downsides to having them. For one thing it means that you have to look after it, and for another it means that the rifle is probably a little heavier than it can be. But for the look I would walk a thousand miles with a wooden stocked rifle slung over my shoulder?

It has a two stage adjustable trigger and it fitted with fibre optic adjustable sights. If you want to, it comes with a scope (4×32). This is a magnificent air rifle and in my book ideal for a serious enthusiast!