Pellet gun accuracy: The trigger

A Pellet gun is no use if you can’t shoot accurately.

You have gone out and bought your first pellet gun. Now you’re plinking in the back garden and you’re simply not seeing the results that you would have hoped to see. There are of course many things that can affect the accuracy of your shooting. One of the key things, however, is how you pull the trigger. Let’s understand this from the start, if you rifle or pistol is accurately sighted, and you are still not getting it right, it is probably best to begin with how you pull the trigger.

Dismanteled Diana 35 trigger.

Dismanteled Diana 35 trigger.

A pellet gun trigger sets into motion a sequence of mechanical events that results in the firing of the pellet. Essentially you get single action and double action triggers. This is not essential to improving you shooting but if you are interested in the mechanics of the trigger there is a very good Wikipedia article on it.

The simple reality is that if you are going to pull the trigger of your pellet gun, you are going to move it ever so slightly. So what you have to learn to do is to squeeze the trigger. By squeezing it you are causing the minimum of motion, in fact to get it right, you should not cause any movement what have you so ever.

To get this right you have to ensure that if you are holding the rifle you are doing so as comfortably and as firmly as possible. Then ensure that your trigger finger is able to squeeze off the trigger with enough room to move comfortably.

Typically triggers are set to being quite hard. This is to ensure that they don’t accidentally go off. What you ideally want is an adjustable trigger that you can set so that it is lighter. A great trigger is an essential bit of equipment so much so that it is worth replacing it if it is not adjustable to a level that improves you shooting.

This is a very basic explanation of it. In time I will go into more detail and perhaps even outline exactly how the trigger works. You pellet gun experience will certainly improve if you are shooting more accurately.

Here is a video that walks you through a pistol, a jolly good exercise that will dramatically improve your air pistol accuracy.

Pellet gun accuracy: The trigger
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